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Winter Update

Its Arts & Heritage day in Olympia Feb. 6th. If you believe in the power of the arts, come out and meet your legislatures. A quick update that Vanessa's classes at Kenyon Hall resume this Summer. Look forward to Peruvian folk dances continuing every 1st Monday of the month with Sonia Porras 5:30-7pm. Happily, I am looking forward to completing graduate coursework at Seattle University and will continue with private lesson instruction by appointment only. Stay tuned for some more guest instructors teaching out of the Balorico Studio in March & April..... Salsa, Bachata and Samba...we can't get enough Contact 206 679-7229 for more info.

Art art (art) ART t R

From the heart of American and international creativity, I write this from a familiar place, NY, where the theme that frequently comes up during professional development conferences and artist showcases is about high impact (innovative), influential (socially relevant) & eye candy art (pretty). Whatever the source for creation/exploration/presentation, this thing that brings balance, hope, inspiration, motivation, recreation and at times frustration, Art I thank you for allowing yet another access point for all of us to remember life, living, lives...I choose art. Enjoy (Peruvian) art at Kenyon Hall. Happy Monday! (below,Chicago-based artists: Miguel Cortez, Gisela Insuaste, Paul Sierra, Edra Soto and Gabriel Villa)