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March Dance Madness

This Friday BALORICO Dance performs at Seattle Repertory Theatre and presents Tango Fusion for Thriving Artists' benefit party. Enjoy our new piece "With partner dancing there are some expectations..." that challenges the absurdity of needing a dance partner to execute beautiful partner work on the dance floor.....NEW DANCERS: During March Madness, enjoy a $15 drop in rate for all group classes.        SAVE THE DATE: Monday March 5th  guest instructor E.Mayimbe, Latin World Salsa Champion joins the Salsa on 2 class to demonstrate the art of leading & following. Don't miss this opportunity to practice dancing Salsa on 2! (Drop in $20) As for our upcoming Spring classes coming up, the new series begins April 2nd including a 6pm Ballroom Latin class focuses on the Rumba, traditional Bachata and Cha Cha Cha rhythms . At 7pm you can practice dancing Salsa on 2 emphasizing developing better timing, feeling the clave and learning the basic foundation of this dyn

Spice things up with Dance Lessons!

Its never too late to initiate a deeper connection with someone special. DANCE does this.  Give the gift of dance with a Valentine's Dance Lesson gift to order. Stay tuned for a BALORICO performance inspired by the dramatic essence and energy of the TANGO embrace,  March 2nd, 8pm at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. BALORICO will be dancing to help support the amazing Latina-directed Thriving Artist collective . SAVE THE DATE and bring a date! Mondays at Kenyon Hall continue with Ballroom Dancing at 6pm, Salsa at 7pm & Afro  Latin Modern at 8pm.