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Back to Dance - September

Get excited, get moving, who will be your partner this Fall? We begin our 8-week Social Ballroom I course (Foxtrot, Swing, Rhumba, Hustle & Waltz) at 6pm.  Salseros will joint at 7pm for an 8-week progress series focused on drilling Salsa on2 Fundamentals, footwork and musicality as it relates to the Clave rhythms. (We will touch on Cha-Cha-Cha and Bachata to help beginner dancers understand how to translate their training into other Latin dance styles.)  NEW CLASSES IN OCTOBER will run Fridays at the Balorico Studio-6pm Ladies Styling & Spinning class (open level) and Adv. Beginner Salsa on2 will meet 7-8:30pm. (Sorry, no drop-ins). Combo packages available for those that wish to augment their learning with private instruction. PREVIEW YOUTH BALLROOM DANCE CLASS: Monday December 7th at 4pm for youth ages 6 and younger. One child and one caregiver are welcome to dance together at this fun 45 minute Family dance class. At 5pm ages 7-16 can enjoy a 55 minute Ballroom Dan

Summer of Dance - All in August

Congrats to the lovely Lian & Delila and Jenny & Andrew as they created magic on the dance floor these past few weeks with their First Wedding Dances. Newcomers to social dance are always warmly welcome at our classes. Open level drop-in classes are meant to spark community interaction among socially savvy dancers and beginners in a fluid way. We never turn anyone away. This said, there are a few things new dancers can do to prepare: 1) Listen to music and try to count evenly to the beat in a pattern of 1-8. Add some toe-tapping or finger-snapping and you'll begin the process of feeling the beat. 2) Partner-less? No worries. Most people take lessons in order to improve their chances at meeting new people and/or get closer to their partners with a shared activity. The point being, with dance as your partner, you will learn new ways of interacting with people on a healthy, physical level. (Body required, nothing else.) Lastly, 3) bring a mental clean slate , no matter