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The latest fun class I took at the congress was Eddie's boogaloo and pachanga. Dances I've done before but its the teaching method of this guy that makes him masterful. Simplicity, repetition, logical build and flava! Here's to all the 60+ dancers out there still contemplating weather or not they should try some dancing...DO IT!
Classes this week continue. Fitness classes at Seattle U Rec: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30pm, Wed 4pm PowerSalsa Group Classes: Tuesday 7pm Drills, 7:30 Adv. Beg. Salsa DECEMBER NEW CLASS CYCLE BEGINS 12/6 Location: Balorico Studio 206 679-7229 Beginner Salsa/Bachata 6pm Adv. Beginner Salsa 7pm Ballroom Basics 8:15pm Please register at
Sometimes the beauty in learning is the notion of philosophy, a new perspective or new found respect for something ordinary. Every time I teach younger audiences, I end up the student and my understanding deepens.Thought I'd share my happy thought. This week we returned to the Lake Washington school district to support the efforts of a dynamic Spanish teacher who is doing great work in cultivating a global perspective with her 7th and 8th graders. This year the focus was on the Dominican Republic and Cuba. It is so refreshing to have the opportunity to share and collaborate across educational divides. New Year 2012, teach me more! Few Event Announcements: ADULTS Friday Nov. 25th, 7:00pm-8:30pm Balorico will host a Latin Night dance social at the home studio in West Seattle. This is open to beginners, friends, former and current students who would like a chance to meet other local dancers and simply put, good people. Casual, light snacks and refreshments provided. Adults o