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Cool and Hot=Dance

BALORICO welcomes you to Viva Arts - a place to train in Salsa, Bachata and Ballroom Dances. Sign up for New Year classes starting January 5th and January 10th ! Stay motivated. Besides our ongoing classes  offered  we continue to deliver Ballroom Dance lessons to private clients that include Wedding First Dance preparation and Salsa & Bachata dance coaching weekly. Boost your mood this cooler season with a private lesson. Your body will let you know where to go from there ;) Look out for our soon-to-be announced Forever Dances virtual workshop. For the fitness-minded ladies, join us for  Thursday night Ladies Styling rhythms  classes where each 90 minute workshop is dedicated to exploring a brand new Latin Rhythm that helps feed your freestyle toolkit. The next session is  Cha Cha Cha & Latin House  on January 27th. Intermediate level dancers welcome.  BALORICO hosts fun BOOTCAMP mini-lessons + guided practicas Friday nights  7pm-8:30pm at Viva Arts. Health & Wellness n