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Thank you - new Thursday night classes

Thank you to everyone that attended our first Friday Social at Lowdown Ballroom - we had fun, we shared and generated new energy to bring you BALORICO quality Salsa on2 classes with Vanessa & Geoff. A shoutout to guest artists that made the evening special: Bruce Clayton Tom , E.mayimbe and Theresa McDermott . What makes our community of learners unique is that every single person in the room has an innate sense of community, positivity, open mind and mature perspective to know that the learning never stops, your mindset is everything, and what you reap is what you sow. A special moment was blessing not only our floor with the vibrating energy in the room, but the energy that came from our youngest dancer cooking inside a beautiful Bachata dancer...positive vibrations - a healing mindset - thank you and we look forward to sharing the new space at our upcoming OPEN HOUSE Feb. 27th , 6:30pm-9pm at Lowdown Ballroom. Free classes with Geoff Moyer, Vanessa Villalobos and Eduard
ITS TIME Activate your body and mind for a whole new 2020! Monday January 6th, enjoy all levels of Salsa on2, Bachata (traditional & sensual technique) as well as our Afro Body Movement late night class. Our 7 week series is crafted to build endurance, agility, vocabulary and dance expression. Sign up today at   Save the date: Friday January 17th, 7pm Our B A LO R I C O Salsa & Bachata dance social will be hosted at  Lowdown Ballroom in Capital Hill for the New Year. ...and for the kiddos , check out some of our program highlights. Families with children ages 3-5 can look forward to our February Family Salsa classe s meeting Mondays at 4pm, followed by our KidsSalsa program (ages 6+) at 5pm.  See you on the floor!