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VANESSA VILLALOBOS is an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, curator, producer and engagement consultant to many cultural and business organizations 
in the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Villalobos is a new

MoPop Museum performance highlight
Photography: Robert Wade

Choreography that enlivens innocuous spaces
Photography: Juliet McManns, Dancers: Vanessa Villalobos & Noelle Price

Walt Disney's Enchanted, a modern day animation fairytale set in New York City's busy streets and Central Park.


Principal dancers- Walt Disney Enchanted Movie

MadHot Ballroom the documentary capturing the work of founder and creator of Dancing Classrooms, Pierre Dulaine.  

Vanessa Villalobos is a Guest Instructor/Choreographer and performance coach for aspiring youth and teen performers. Video.

When the De La Cruz Family Danced by Donna Miscolta
The subject of this literary work touches on the immigrant story and what happens when one leaves and returns to his roots. The years that pass and the distance across bodies of water do not affect the characters' ability to recognize himself in others and to re-experience his heritage from different viewpoints.

See the Literary inspired video here....When the De La Cruz family danced.

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