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Ready for the Weekend !

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tuesdays starting JUNE 5th  BALORICO will offer Salsa & Bachata classes in White Center. No need for a sitter, bring the kiddos. This Memorial Weekend ,   BALORICO DANCE will be performing at   Latino Night  on Saturday 5/26  and on Sunday at the    NW Folklife Festival  on Sunday 5/27 . Enjoy a  FREE family lesson in Cumbia, Tibiri, Bachata & Vals as we feature popular dances of the D.F. in Mexico as part of Echoes de Aztlan. Thank you   to those that came out to support our presentation of CURATE,  an original Salsa piece choreographed by Eduardo Aguirre & Vanessa Villalobos, for the 7th Anniversary All Vynl Salsa celebration hosted by DJ El Travieso. Please note, YES CLASSES ARE RUNNING this Monday 5/28 at Kenyon Hall and our new Summer Series begins MONDAY JUNE 4TH - REGISTER NOW!

Summer Series & Performances

Whats coming up! Vanessa & Eduardo perform Saturday May 19th for the AVS Vynl Night 7th year anniversary - join us! BALORICO will be instructing & performing popular dances from Mexico as well as our Wedding Party dances as part of the Echoes de Aztlan programming at Folklife on Sunday May 27th - come take class with the family. Summer Dance Series  begins Monday June 4th- Register today for the  June-July series MONDAYS @ Kenyon Hall- West Seattle 6pm Salsa on2 Level 1 (4 week sessions)  7pm Salsa on2 Level 2 (8 week session)  8pm Afro Latin Modern (8 week session)  TUESDAYS @ ConoceT studio- White Center 6pm Salsa on 2 Level 1 (May-June) 7pm Bachata Level 1 (June) 8pm Private instruction (with appointment)