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Wings to dance

The next Adults Series begins Monday March 3rd. We're taking a break Monday 2/24 in honor of my birthday girl who constantly reminds me we can surpass and do she gave me wings. . Our children's program is set to begin its Spring series March 7th-SAVE THE DATE! I hope you're all out there practicing your moves and practicing your own dance of life-with wings when you think you can't anymore.


Valentine's day is for celebrating friendship and good company in dance...remember gift certificates go well with chocolates, dinner and sweets :) We're keeping the dance floor warm with our children and adults classes. The next adults series begins Monday March 3rd-it will be the 9 session challenge in both Ballroom & Salsa. We've started Silver level in the 6pm class, so for my new folks take advantage of the expertise in the room. Register at