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Ongoing Festejo Fitness & Youth Ballroom 4/21

Get ready for summer. Join me for an alternative workout that will compliment any Latin dance. AfroPeruvian dance returns to Kenyon Hall. Come celebrate with us as we enliven the space with the sounds of Festejo and Zamacueca promoting fitness and rejuvenation. APRIL: Mondays 8:05pm $60/4 classes. Kids $5/class. All are welcome. **Spring Youth Ballroom & Latin begins April 21st (Due to a death in the family, we had to postpone the start date-we're sorry for any inconvenience) Registration still open.

Dance as Prayer

I love it how dance bridges cultures of understanding. Last night, Taiwanese dance company, Cloudgate, poetically reminded us that slower movement and slower pacing requires and helps teach us control,inner strength, release of self...all for moments of visual clarity. So much to take in and apply to dance training and the use of technique for achieving freedom. Amidst the sea of golden rice husks, I couldn't help but think when is dance our practice of prayer? Save the date: Mondays at 8:05pm,starting April 7th, I'm bringing back AfroPeruvian dance . Join us as we use my favorite rhythms (Festejo,Lando and Zamacueca) to get fit, stretch and cross-train to improve "cuban motion." Open level-join us!