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Plan for more LOVE

You may know us for Latin, Salsa and sparkles all over the party floors, but we also keep busy with teaching Ballroom Dances and choreography online.  Coming up this December  are specialty workshop opportunities for Engaged Couples. We get it, disruptions are not pretty especially with once-in-a-lifetime moments but that does not stop us from helping you achieve the skills that make for a beautiful and memorable Wedding First Dance.   Looking comfortable, natural and confident takes rehearsal time...something we LOVE to do! No need to be in the same room, or time zone for that matter, virtual coaching makes practicing easy. Sign up here for some pro tips, mini-lessons and choreography sampling to fit your duet personality. Much like a Wedding, the Quinceanera (a young woman's coming of age BIG 15th birthday party) falls under the same scope of planning and preparation-we've got those Queens-in-the-making covered too! Two weekend dates available   para ella...Hip Hop, Regaton