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Clave Musicality Workshop & Environmental Justice

Try our *NEW* CLAVE workshops for Salsa dancers co-instructed with PICOSO 'S favorite percussionist Lalo Bello.This monthly offering is created to help Salseros improve on2 dancing and musicality on the dance floor.Save the date: 5/19 6:30-8pm. BALORICO is supporting environmental justice on 5/18. Participate, spread the word. Dancing is more than dance-its action. It is a threat to think about how the aims of dance, movement and art, that build future-oriented wholistic minds and bodies, collide with future-produced toxins and detrimental pollutants incurred by Shell's intended arctic oil mining in our Seattle ports . Visualize how your daily creativity can also act to preserve quality of life standards for tomorrow...see you on our dance floor!

Indescribable African sexiness/swing

Tuesday April 14th we start our special Mas Tumbao Salsa workshop series. Salsa dancers can expect to practice and develop their ear for dancing to the clave and staying on the clave. I'm excited, we'll have live percussion accompaniment. All levels welcome with an "on2" style focus. $25/person. RSVP required, please register by emailing The next dance series of Ballroom Dancing, Bachata and ongoing Salsa group lessons at Kenyon Hall begins Monday 5/11. Drop-in this month to get a taste!