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New Year classes!  2021 ONLINE DANCE LESSONS Family Salsa & Ballroom   Mondays 7pm Bachata Bliss   Mondays 8pm Salsa on2 Level II  Wednesdays 7pm Beginner Salsa on2   Wednesdays 8pm Ladies Styling   Thursdays 7pm Ballroom Dances: Tango, Swing, Paso Doble Thursdays 8pm We are happy to look forward to a brand new year  and are extremely thankful for all the inspiration you have given us with your friendship, cheerleading, messages, participation, referrals and most of all the smiles online :)  Thank you, Thank you xo xo !  The Holidays may not be the same this year, but our connections with one another remain strong.  Keep bringing out the best of you as we move to 2021.  Late December, we have a couple opportunities left for you to get involved with online dance training. For the future  Quinceaneras  , our second workshop this month offers them new moves, ideas and planning tips. As for something new to close out the year, check out our  Singles Rock virtual social  set for  Monday