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No Barriers to Ballroom & Latin dance

O C T O B E R 7th marks our "No Barriers to Dance" programming in partnership with Seattle Artists at Kenyon Hall. Every Monday 5p-6pm for the month of October-all communities are welcome to try partner dancing, FREE/ GRATIS ! (Beginner level-all ages-bilingual Spanish/English dance instruction) Do you know someone who thinks $ is a barrier to dance? Invite them, bring them, join them...make time for new connections. Ongoing Ballroom & Latin classes continue Mondays. More info? Write to or call 206 679-7229.

Community Dance

It was an eventful Fiestas Patrias at Seattle Center this weekend and happy to have shared some social dance tips with fitness-minded foks.(My favorite was waltzing with my 86 year old partner who stated she dances to stay fit...yeah!) At all stages of life where you have transition in your life-its always movement that keeps you going, keeps you pumped (literally) and allows you to remember there is beauty in our humanity. Give thanks that you can walk, run, leap, jump, turn, spin and dance!

Dance on Mondays at Kenyon Hall

The Fall Dance series has begun and for those still vacationing/working hard, you can always drop in:) 6pm Ballroom Dancing, 7pm Salsa on2, 8pm Bachata A special shout out to dancers Heidi, Gary & Thiana who shared their talent with the White Center community this past weekend! (An afrolatin solo and a lovely couples' waltz) HAVE KIDS? BABYSIT KIDS? Next month: Monday October 7th, the Mommy/Nanny/Daddy-n-me class begins at 4pm-4:45pm. . This class is designed for you, the caregiver, and your little ones. Bring them! $60 for you (and 1 child). There's plenty of open space for them to let loose. Email