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Building Dance Audiences

Dance lessons are always an investment into the joy of living and a way to express sentiments that otherwise could not be expressed with words alone.  Thank you to this wonderful family for opening up their community to the world of partner dancing. From wedding celebrations to anniversary parties and professional development, dance always serves a purpose-to unify. This weekend I will be presenting a special workshop entitled Dance for Community Engagement hoping to share a little insight into my dance world and the various communities that have benefitted from including dance tools into their community building strategies. Share more dance in your community!

Celebrate MLK with DANCE Jan 16th

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., B A L O R I C O is offering FREE DANCE CLASSES on Monday January 16th, from 6p-8pm.  Come celebrate the values and vision of believing and building up community, with a little sweat and spirit. Thank you for all the work you do to benefit others in your own spaces. ALL are welcome. Just show up! Schedule: Ballroom Dancing, 6pm Bachata, 6:45pm Salsa, 7:15pm Photo from MILAGROS Dance/Art exhibition  "Politics- a reflection" - ar tist Chris LaVaughn