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JOIN US FOR FREE DANCE CLASSES Monday March 25th, 5pm-8:30pm at Kenyon Hall - FAMILIES, ADULTS & KIDS! Its gonna be an unbelievable summer-love our students! Thank you for all your positivity passing through these doors. Families can enjoy FREE Salsa & Ballroom Dancing during our first class next Monday 3/25. Then we move to 45 minute lessons in Salsa on2 fundamentals, Dominican Bachata, Cuban Rumba for Salsa styling, the very physical Afro Latin Modern where we dance in bare feet. All are welcome and its your chance to try out our dance lessons, our teaching methodology, visit our home space at Kenyon Hall and meet Eduardo and Vanessa. Please rsvp here .  We will also be running our first PRACTICA of the season from 8:30pm-9:30pm, all ages, $5 admission. Come test out your skills in a fun, comfortable environment. Preview our classes before we launch into our MONDAY SPRING SESSION starting April 8th. See the Open House schedule here for details. To register for classe