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Latin class 7pm & Youth Program next week...

At 7pm, we'll continue our Beginner Latin series focusing on Rumba, Salsa & Cha Cha. $15 drop in. One week away from the start of our Youth Summer Programs--Sign up the kids now and invite friends and family to our public showing Monday Aug. 30th. (Please note that Ballroomagic is now begin held at 5pm rather than 3pm.) $75/ 6 session course. Register by calling 206 679-7229

Check out Dance This! tonite at the Paramount

After last night's show, Gisselle Peacock and I were very satisfied of our kids' showmanship performing a hot little samba. Very cool lyrical, hip hop and bangara inspired material. 7:30pm show tonite at the Paramount. Open registration for this year's Balorico summer kids' dance program...begins July 26th. See below.