I love Arts in Education because you get to experience first hand those "aha" moments that students have when they discover something new AND it makes sense to them. Immediately following this utopia moment, the student adult or youth usually opens up a bit more to his/her fellow dancers and it the relaxed open energy becomes a snowball effect, allowing everyone else to ease up,let go and JUST DANCE! This Fall there's been plenty of this. Most recently with the "Mambo Teens" from the Black Achievers Program in partnership with Andre Mintz.

Also making headway with creating a louder voice for Dance as an important subject next to Math and Science with the ladies of the Dance Educators Association of Washington State. Currently we are working on encouraging existing dance schools to qualify their institutions of instruction with the National Dance Honor Society regional chapter. This will serve to motivate and recognize young dancers pursuing their dreams of professional dance and dance training. All styles of dance and schools are welcome, please inquire.

This December,I will be re-training in current best practices and teaching methods for the DANCING CLASSROOMS SEATTLE public school program, created by Pierre Dulaine and offered through CarpeDance.org. This is very exciting news and an opportunity for ALL FIFTH GRADE classes in the Seattle school district to finally have access to this nationally acclaimed program. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school or becoming an instructor, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

Lastly, reminder that NO CLASSES WILL BE HELD MONDAY DEC. 6TH but resume Monday Dec. 13th. Youth Program at 5pm, Adults Ballroom 6pm, Salsa & Bachata 7pm, Private lessons thereafter....Happy Holidays!!

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