Happy Seattle "Summer" everyone,
It was a blast at the West Seattle Street Fair this past weekend. Today we're gearing up for some Social Ballroom at 6:30pm and Salsa "on2" at 7:30pm. I'm so happy to offer this class finally by request and it will be fun working up to be able to take "field trips" to local on2 parties happening around town. Not to mention the upcoming Fall salsa congress coming up with the "father of New York on 2 salsa," Eddie Torres, who is on the bill as VIP guest instructor/performer.
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For my younger audiences, the Washington Dance Club is now hosting youth and teen dances so it will be great to take a trip out there at some point and share the fun. This summer has several musical events coming up and for those of you interested in performing or expanding your courage and don't mind getting in front of a crowd-let me know....there's some good stuff coming up real soon.

Reminder: The next couple of weeks, I'll be hosting drop-in Salsa Spinning & Styling class for men & women on Wednesdays at 7pm until the next full 5-class series. Check it out but remember to rsvp via email


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