HAPPY HOLIDAYS! JANUARY 2nd at 6:30pm WE RETURN TO KENYON HALL FOR THE WINTER SEASON! FREE DANCE CLASS for the community-all ages. Come and enjoy a little waltzing, swinging and some salsa dancing. Registration will also be open for January group classes. GENERAL CLASSES BEGIN 1/9/11. See you at the Hall!
* * * * * * * * * My latest, greatest experience of 2010 was hosting a class with AfroPeruvian artist Miguel Ballumbrioso, courtesy of DE CAJON Project in Freemont. The beauty of Miguel's class was witnessing how these specific dances of the Festejo, Lando and the Zamacueca were invented, passed on and pieced together through blood memory. Before the academic and syllabus based break down of codified movement that is popular with Ballroom Dancing (I love this too!), existed an oral and physical tradition of passed down history, rhythms and inspiring community learning. Perhaps it is why I have always loved my work with kids in the schools. You can only be so overly prepared-they really are the ones that take the lead in their learning.
A big thank you to Diana Di-Tolla who expanded her Spanish unit further this year to include the cultures of the Dominican Republic. We had a blast. Thank you to Lou Magor, who has been the forever cheerleader and has made it possible for Balorico to live on in West Seattle. Thank you to the Washington Dance Center who welcomed such "non-commercial" dances in Seattle in their ballrooms with the Hustle and Latin Musicality classes. Thank you to Seattle Theater Group who continues to collaborate with Balorico through the promotion of Ballroom and Latin in their summer youth programs. we had a great Neptune Salsa night opening and community turnout. This year, the Balorico dancers and I even got to be a part of Donna Miscolta's book promo for When the De La Cruz Family Danced, again another supporter of a lesser commercial dance such as the Bolero. The BIGGEST THANK YOU to my committed and playful dance students who demanded Salsaon2 and stuck with it-YES! Ah, yes versatility. (Its so nice to have a little piece of home here in West Seattle.) Lastly thank you to all my colleagues who in one way or another have influenced yet another year of professional growth and good spirit. Here's to 2012- "BRING IT!"

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