January flew! And I think this is the earliest I have noticed retailers bringing out the red hearts right after Christmas..but yes the Red Month is here. For those of you that insist on coming up with some standout gift, consider attaching a gift certificate to your most creative gift. (So you can really just gift yourself with a complimentary private lesson-yay! Only through 2/14) New class cycles begin on Monday: 6:30pm Social Ballroom (open level) 7:30pm Salsa. As always, the first classes always sets the tone and dictates the direction of the class, so bring your best! Beginner Salsa & Bachata has been moved to Tuesday nights at 7pm (at the Balorico Studio), Ladies Styling is offered at 8pm Tuesdays, in anticipation of returning to our co-ed Drills class in March. The highlight conversation of the month was surrounding the topic of "How long will it take to improve?" This is the universal question in dance, however the truth is the learning never ends-there is always something new or rehashed to appear new ;) Top professionals continue to taking "coachings" or private instruction. The point is, it depends on your individual goal(s): Do you seek confidence on the dancefloor? Do you want to get good only to the point so that you don't suck for your dance partner? Do you thrive to be in the spotlight? Do you wish to prove something to yourself? (keep in mind goals change periodically and ITS OK :) Another point is that lets say, you don't get enough social dance acceptances/requests, it could be because A: your leading/following needs work (Default thinking), B: unconsciously your physicality may not be "inviting" enough (Are you hiding without knowing it) or C: you have gotten so good, the follows/leads are getting intimidated for some reason? Remember, EVERYONE started the same way, so just DANCE! Happy February everyone!

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