January 2013

Get ready for something new! Balorico Guest Artist Sonia Porras from Trujillo, Peru joins us at Kenyon Hall for open classes to the public in various dances from Peru.
Classes will run Mondays starting Jan. 7th from 5:30-7pm and from 7:30-9pm.
Curious? Just stop by! Sonia is a 4-time national champion in the dance of the Marinera Nortena. It is a real treat and opportunity to learn from one of my best teachers. Here's a quick info link. The beauty of folkloric dance is that it is the best preparation for any partner dance activity you already do or are planning to do. Its a great way to ease into the fun of learning to take classes, get comfortable with expressing more and of course an opportunity to learn the meaning behind every movement you do. In short, if you've ever taken a class with Vanessa, you will love Sonia Porras and this opportunity to do something different solo or with a loved one. (Oh, kids are welcome!) $60/ 4 class series (90 minute class session) $20 drop-in, $10 kids(ages 6 and up) and teens Register via email/ Pay at the door HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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