Let it burn...let it go...let it free

Whatever your fire, I hope you all embrace all that has made you YOU this year. Cheers to a fabulous 2014! Know that YOU are blessed to be able to move, dance, leap, twist, slide, shimy, roll, cut, SPIN,love, remember, forget, forgive, aspire, enliven, hug AND communicate with your body. WOW! Such a gift. A big thank you to Seattle Artists for supporting partner dance in West Seattle and to all who believed in dance this year-may it continue to liberate you. Vanessa ************ DANCE WITH B A L O R I C O MONDAY JAN. 6th, 6pm Ballroom, 7pm Salsa, 8pm Bachata/Swing $20 Drop-In/ $30 Duets/ $99 Full 7 class series.

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