You know it when you see it, those dancers living in the moment, doing what they do best-connecting. I recently "caught" some former students GOING FOR IT: a father of four added the bachata to his soccer coaching practice at the park; while at the WS street fair an elder (dating) couple established the ballroom dance floor without any care of who was watching as a local musician played a pseudo swing-bluegrass tune; later at Salsa on Alki, some brave salseros led their follows successfully "on2"among the sea of "on 1" dancers...DANCE-We all do it, in private or public, wherever you do it, do it with pride, loud and proud ;) I'm feeling blessed to share this special way of connecting. UP NEXT the AUGUST Series: 6pm Bachata & Cha Cha Cha, 7pm ongoing Salsa on2, 8pm AfroPeruvian dance Register at balorico@gmail.com or sign up for a private dance lesson.

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