Community & Dance

We are rooted in community practice

Besides picking up Latin dance vocabulary, steps and adapted norms of practicing this cultural expression of dance (Salsa, Folkorico, Bachata, Ballroom Dance...), as master instructors, our experience shapes how we perceive movement, distill its euphoric beauty and how we have learned to guide others through their own process of learning to dance....then there is partnered dance, that push and pull thing. Its the place we learn to express and we are thankful for everyone who continues to springboard out of our doors into the fun and excitement of dancing in Seattle. **** Check out our event page for a chance to participate in different ways. The dance floor is a place for magic, a place to troubleshoot, a place to heal as well as a place to find/give/share empowerment. 

Next week Friday Social 4/26, 6:30pm. We provide a comfortable open space to help boost confidence with new dance skills and encourage more practice. All are welcome, adult party, business casual attire. 

Sunday 4/28, 7pm we will help facilitate conversation surrounding Consent & Boundaries on the dance floor as a cultural experience and sharing safe spaces.

Friday 5/3, 12noon we are super excited to infuse the Latinx Student Union hub of new leaders at Green River College, with our passion of Latin Dance and Music. Live music and various dance artists join us for this student campus event.

As always, we have our doors open on Mondays and Tuesdays for community group classes, but stay tuned for more events shaping up this month and chances to participate. "Live more, dance!"

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