This too shall pass Covid 19 impact on dance

Sometimes disruptions can lead to new pathways- virtual one-on-one coaching. We may not be sharing space, but we are still rooting you on, in this movement journey. Registered students can count on class credit through the end of the year and/or take advantage of online dance coaching with Vanessa.Request at or call to inquire (206) 679-7229 There is nothing like the feeling and accomplishment when you finish dancing a great Salsa song knowing you rocked out on the mambo section. There is nothing like connecting on the dance floor with a Bachata dance that makes you feel like you are in a nightclub music video. There is nothing like the attitude and demeanor of a great Tango dance, when you begin to understand the magic of harnessing energy for efficiency of movement and purpose in execution. Stay tuned for a return of classes once we get through this Pandemic State of Emergency. The poetics of dance translates to real life. We'd love to hear about your dance stories and perhaps home made dance videos showing how your solo practice at home helps you manage your daily focus. Thank you for your support and understanding through this challenging time.  "LIVE MORE, STAY IN!" 

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