Summer lessons begin June 1st with Bachata

The sunshine is healing and to help you lighten the mood, we hope you will try our Bachata Bliss Monday class before bedtime. Wellness is connected to the use of all the facilities of your body. Take a look and consider which classes or events might help you move through these unscripted summer month that lie ahead with more balance, connectivity and fitness.

Summer series in June:

Mondays - 8pm Bachata Bliss, open level (begins 6/1) 5 classes $69, signup
Sundays - 11am Salsa on2 beginner level meeting 4 weeks (begins 6/7) $55 signup
Mondays - 6pm Salsa on2 Level II (begins 6/8) 4 classes $55
To signup for this class, text 206 679-7229, use venmo/zelle.

Teleworking and have no time? Join us for a coffee date on Wednesday June 24th, 7:30am to celebrate all things moving forward with the Summer months, free and open to all.

For some bonus inspiration to keep dancing, take a look at Vanity Fair's dance movie list recommendations. I was so happy to see two films (MadHot Ballroom & Take The Lead) that are close to heart as they take me back to New York living days, juggling non-profit administration jobs, daily dance training, Theatre arts ballroom competitions, and numerous hours of teaching hundreds of children in the New York public school system, while still carving out time to create multimedia dance works with artistic collaborators that continue to impress me. So I believe with a little inspiration, you too will gain more creativity to do things thoughtfully, with intention and without a blueprint. Stay safe, and hope to see you online this month.    (206) 679-7229    FB/Insta  _balorico

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