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BALORICO offers weekly dance training all summer long. BALORICO DANCE is open for Drop in classes during the month of June. Our 7pm class is the most fitting for beginner dancers where you can get a taste of the two most popular Latin rhythms- Salsa & Bachata. Join us at 8pm if you have prior experience with Salsa on2 and are looking for a fun workout. For dancers with more experience, try our Wednesday 8pm class for a combination of Salsa & Bachata II. Viva Arts is located just off of the West Seattle bridge. 

Try a class or reserve a spot for the next series that begins Monday July 1st, beginners signup here.

Later this month, on Monday June 24th, reserve time with us 7-9pm. We have a special bootcamp dance evening set to help level up dancers' technique. This two hour session includes focused attention on three areas: Afro body movement, Salsa spins & dips and Bachata styling. SAVE THE DATE!

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