FALL Sessions

We are so excited to positively land into the Fall Season. Take a look at our class offerings here and sign up for and upcoming dance series.


Monday November 8th - Beginner Salsa on2 at 7pm & Bachata Bliss at 8pm 

Wednesday November 3rd Experienced Salseros join our 4 week series at 8pm & for the Late Night Crew, with tons of energy, sign up for our Beginner Salsa on2 class at 9:15pm. (The bonus of this later time is it is easier to cross that West Seattle bridge when coming from North.)

Unapologetic ladies please come forward for this soul-lifting 90 minute groove class to bold beats. Thursday November 4th join us for our Ladies Styling Workshop: Latin Jazz at 8:45pm. These monthly intensives are created to help "follows" broaden their dancer style when dancing Latin and freestyle movement. Multiple dates listed. 

Fridays nights are fun social dance bootcamp nights, perfect for new dancers looking to connect with more dancing locals while working on fitness. Arrive solo or sign up with a buddy. Make it a DATE NIGHT Enjoy this Latin Mix of Salsa + Bachata all in one class. Interactive and inclusive environment. Come ready to mingle and practice, practice, practice. No partner needed to participate.

During the hardest of times and perhaps the most imprinted time in our young kids' minds, dancing provides an outlet for learning safely distanced social skills amidst the impacts of this pandemic. Viva Arts is a home for young dancers and has ongoing Capoeira lessons for kids. We are happy to announce that Young Dancers can now have access to Salsa on2 lessons Wednesday afternoon starting in the New Year. Sign up here to join the Waitlist. 

Limited space will be ensured to provide adequate distancing and sufficient airflow. Write to balorico@gmail.com to register for the JANUARY 2022 session.


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